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Movie Masters


Alright. So these figures are the answer to all those of us who whined that the 6-inch Batman Begins figure line was too 'kiddy', didn't have any regard for film accuracy and inexplicably gave us a Ken Watanabe Ra's Al Ghul and a Really-guys-I'm-not-Ra's-al-Ghul Henri Ducard, but no Commissioner Gordon even though Ken Watanabe wasn't even Ra's Al Ghul and Commissioner Gordon is COMMISSIONER GORDON AND IS ACTION-Y ENOUGH TO MERIT AN ACTION FIGURE ONCE IN A WHILE.

Okay, so the Movie Masters also like to pretend that Commissioner Gordon isn't an invaluable tool in Batman's pursuit of justice, but at least we get 2 versions of Batman (pre and post TDK alteration), a very nice Joker and a less confounding version of Scarecrow, last seen looking like this for some reason.

Firstly, the Batman/Batmen in this set are great. You have both the TDK version and the BB version. Both are very nice figures, though the head sculpting is a little iffy and it seems like they designed what you can see of Bruce's face without much Christian Bale in mind, but the effort's there and the effort's good and if you're seeking a small-size Dark Knight Batman figure, it's definitely a better bet for collectors than whatever this is (green?!).

This is a great figure. Is it perfect? No. But if you want perfection, scale up to something bigger. And while the shading/detailing could be better, this is the best you can get at this size and it's definitely a good piece. They've managed to capture a lot of the stance, the glare, the off-kilter quality of the outfit and the strange colours. If you're into it, a couple touch-ups wouldn't hurt, just to add a little bit, but if you take it without a single alteration, you're still getting a great figure and it'll be a fine villain for the Batmen. Although you might want to keep him with the other TDK figures for him to appear formidable, because for whatever reason, the Movie Masters seem to run a little short. They're awesome, yes, but just a little...petite.

Finally we come to him

Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow. I wanted a Scarecrow figure from the last movie at a larger scale, but was sorely disappointed. And then disappointed again when they kept giving him weird gadgets and insisting that the strait jacket stay on. Well, this figure does the same, but at least it gives me hints of a suit underneath and some hands, plus an attempt at the blue eyes. The sculpting's great, the mask is really nicely done and the little evidence mask that comes with it is weird, but nice, too. The only real problems I have with this figure are the return of the strait jacket as coat when he really spent very little time in one and had gotten rid of both it and the horse by The Dark Knight and the fact that you can't take off his mask. I realize capturing Cillian Murphy's face probably have resulted in a peculiar look, but unless they decide to make a Red Eye playset, I'm sorely out of luck here. Still, for those lamenting the lack of a Scarecrow, here he is and, for all intents and purposes, he's a pretty awesome figure.

[This space reserved for a Gary Oldman's Commissioner Gordon figure. One day. ONE DAY.]


November 2008



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