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Now, I'm sure that, before Hotel Dusk, I found some way to spend my days. I'm sure that I probably had hobbies and interests, probably even friends, and a lot of responsibilities for work and school. I'm sure of it.

And yet, it seems as though I can't even remember it. Hotel Dusk has taken over it all!

Seriously, I can't recommend this game highly enough. It's finally been reissued after being missing from the shelves for far too long and now that I've played it, I completely understand what I have been missing (namely, the coins from level/Chapter 4 that I can no longer get! Argh!). It's so good.

People will tell you it's dull. They'll ask you how much fun it can possibly be to play through what seems to be a detective novel with the occasional choose-your-own-adventure fork in the road. And I do understand that. But I am a huge fan of detective novels and this is a really great one. The translation work on this is better than any game I've seen, with nothing lost and the noir style and dialogue pitch-perfect. It's a great title.

In other news, I have officially booked my tickets to the San Diego Comic Con in 2009! I'm heading down! Sure, it's in...1...2...8 months. But hey! I'm ready and rearin' to go! I'm also New York City bound in February for the New York Comic Con and I can't wait. I'm going to go Exclusive-Crazy. But so I don't drive myself crazy-crazy, I think I'll save the countdown for the new year...


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